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Clean Air Pro was inspired by the concept of Clean Indoor Air and Leaky Ductwork. The goal is to clean all of the dirty ductwork in your home including all the duct in your walls, basement, crawlspace or attic. Followed by the sealing of all of the ductwork in your walls, basement, crawlspace and attic with Aeroseal to keep any unnecessary dirt out moving forward. Then clean the air in the home with an air purifier to capture and kill all pollen, mold spores, VOC and other harmful toxic particulates. In addition to having the absolute cleanest indoor air you aid in the loss of energy thru leaky ducts. A sealed duct system will now supply and return the air to the spaces that it was originally designed to. Some unsealed duct systems can leak up to 25-35%. Why spend all that energy and have it leak out or suck in all that dust in your attic, walls or basement. Clean Air Pro cares about your air!

Duct sealing provides a comfortable, healthier, and cleaner home environment while also saving you money. The truth is, most homes have a duct network built of several sections then put together in the home when new. However, the points where these sections adjoin generally aren’t required to be sealed therefor air leaks are created unintentionally and left alone.

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Cleaning and sealing together is the ultimate combination for your home. After your ducts are cleaned, sealing will generally increase the time needed between duct cleanings.

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Duct Leakage

It’s likely you’re living with leaky air ducts. And you’re losing more than air. You’re also losing comfort– up to 40% of your heated and cooled air. Not to mention the money spent on energy bills that are higher than they should be. Holes n your ductwork also lower the air quality because they suck in external dust, insulation fibers, and mold — making your home much less healthy. Most people don’t even realize how much air their ducts are leaking. Duct leakage in Illinois is among the highest in the country.


In a few short hours, Aeroseal finds and seals leaks throughout your duct system to give you healthier air, improved home comfort, reduced dust in your home, and lower energy bills.

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Just because we can’t visually see the leakage, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist